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About Us

Embrace the Journey to a Well-Rested Tomorrow

Welcome to Maxen Health, where we wholeheartedly believe that the foundation of better health, both physical and mental, lies in the power of proper sleep and recovery. Our mission is to break the cycle of unhealthy habits by empowering you to embrace the transformative journey towards well-being, starting with the quality of your sleep.

Unlocking the Key to Unwavering Will Power: Proper Sleep and Recovery

At Maxen Health, we understand that achieving your health goals requires more than just sheer willpower. We firmly believe that willpower increases when you provide your body and mind with the restorative sleep they crave. It's not about quick fixes or the latest fad diets. Instead, it's about recognizing that your journey to better health starts with honoring your body's need for rest.

The Perpetual Cycle of Unhealthy Habits

We've witnessed how the lack of proper sleep can trigger a domino effect of unhealthy choices. When you're sleep-deprived, decision-making becomes impaired, leading to poor food choices, lack of exercise, and physical inactivity. You find yourself caught in a spiral of exhaustion, seeking unhealthy ways to find rest.

Embrace the Empowering Cycle: Proper Sleep, Optimal Nutrition, and Thriving Health

As you experience the magic of OVRNITE, you'll break free from the perpetual cycle of unhealthy habits. Proper sleep paves the way for mindful nutrition, conscious hydration, and an empowered mindset. With each night of restful slumber, you'll feel your determination strengthen, propelling you towards the vibrant, healthy life you envision.

Join Our Thriving Community: A Journey Together

When you choose OVRNITE, you become part of a thriving community of individuals who are committed to embracing the power of rest. Join us as we support each other in the pursuit of better health, one night of peaceful sleep at a time. Together, we'll celebrate victories, overcome challenges, and inspire one another on this transformative journey.

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being: Supplements Coming Soon

At Maxen Health, we are dedicated to providing you with a range of thoughtfully curated supplements that will complement your journey to successful physical and mental health. Currently being meticulously formulated, these supplements will share the same commitment to quality and authenticity that defines Maxen Health.

Awaken the Power of Rest: Your Path to Lifelong Well-Being

At Maxen Health, we are driven by a vision of a world where sleep is honored as the cornerstone of lasting health and vitality. Your journey to lifelong well-being starts here, with OVRNITE as your guiding light. Embrace the power of rest and step into a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

With dreams of lasting well-being ahead,
The Maxen Health Team

Join our Mailing List: Embrace the transformative journey to lifelong well-being with OVRNITE and stay tuned for the thoughtful curation of our upcoming supplements. Join our thriving community as we support each other in embracing the power of rest. Together, let's break free from unhealthy habits and awaken the willpower within us to thrive in every aspect of life.
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One week already still no effect

Hi Leo! Thanks for giving OVRNITE a try. Remember, everyone's sleep journey is unique, and it can take time for the all-natural ingredients to work their magic and unwind years of poor sleep habits. Some people notice benefits within a few days, while others may need a bit longer. Hang in there, and if you have any questions or need further support, we're here to help. Natural sleep is on the way!

Good experience

Company is great to work with. Very helpful

Thank you for your kind review! We're glad to hear that you had a good experience with our company. Providing excellent customer service is our top priority, and we're happy to hear that we were able to assist you. We appreciate your support and hope that OVRNITE continues to help you get a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams!


Definitely has allowed me to obtain a full nights sleep. When I awake I feel refreshed with no hangover affect.

Thank you so much for your glowing review, Rick! We're thrilled to hear that OVRNITE has helped you achieve restorative sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Your feedback means the world to us, and we're grateful to have you as part of the OVRNITE community. Here's to many more nights of deep, rejuvenating sleep!

Sleeping better!

I’ve been sleeping more restful and actually got my wife using it also. Pleased with the results.

Hi Wayne! We're so glad to hear that you and your wife are both enjoying the benefits of OVRNITE. It's great to know that our all natural sleep supplement has helped you both sleep more restfully. Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with us.

SO pleased!!!

I have been so pleased with my new overnight sleep separately!! Our first shipment had not arrived and I got an email back almost immediately and was sent another bottle! I’ve been using this product for over a week and I felt like I sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more alert! I look forward to continuing to use this product for many nights to come!

We are so grateful for your wonderful review of OVRNITE, Julie! We are thrilled to hear that you have been enjoying the benefits of a more sound sleep and waking more alert since starting our product. We take pride in providing excellent customer service, and we are happy to have promptly addressed any concerns with your shipment. We look forward to being a part of your nightly routine for many more nights to come. Sweet dreams!

Not strong enough. Not worth the money.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for sharing your experience with OVRNITE. We understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback.

OVRNITE's gentle, all-natural formula is designed to support your body's natural sleep processes without relying on synthetics or habit-forming ingredients. While it may not provide an immediate sensation of heaviness, its effectiveness lies in its commitment to your long-term well-being.

We recognize that achieving restful sleep is a journey, especially for those with years of poor sleep habits. OVRNITE aims to gently guide your body back into its natural rhythm, addressing the root causes of sleep disturbances.

We encourage you to continue using OVRNITE consistently, as its benefits may become more pronounced over time. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or need further assistance.

I'm finally waking up feeling rested and refreshed!

Overnite from Maxen Health absolutely changed my life. I'm getting a better night's sleep and that's helping me in all aspects of my life. I'm working harder, getting more exercise, and improving my relationships because I'm getting better sleep.

I've tried a ton of different sleeping products and OverNite is definitely the best. Great company with an incredible product!

Shipping was quick and easy. Will buy again!

Great Great product!best sleep I have had in years...Thank you so much Maxen Health.

Amazing product that helps me rest incredible well and find restorative sleep! Would highly recommend!

Maxen Health

Best sleep I have had in years, and stayed sleep all-night. Didn't wake-up feeling tired and rest broken. Yes I definitely would recommend it to family and friends.


Finally something that works without the morning grogginess! I’ve tried melatonin and I would always have intense dreams, waking me up and defeating the purpose. Other sleep aids I would be groggy and dragging in the morning. I was so surprised how I didn’t have any side effects with Ovrnite. Just a nice deep sleep, feeling refreshed in the morning. Definitely recommend it!

Fell asleep fast!

Fell asleep fast and stayed asleep for the most part. I do recommend planning on getting 8 hours of sleep for maximum benefit. I love that there is a natural alternative for sleep aide. Anxious to try the 30 day supply!

Surprisingly Amazing Sleep

I have struggled with insomnia and constantly being exhausted for years. Melatonin barley worked for me so I was skeptical Maxen would do the trick. I was completely surprised the first night. I woke up feeling like I slept hard. Normally I wake up super tired and ready to go back to sleep. That next morning I awoke feeling more awake, not tired or sluggish. As the nights went on; I could feel the difference as I wasn’t wanting to rush home after work for a nap. Insomnia felt like a thing of the past. No more tossing and turning just better sleep! It sure has helped me get more sleep than the 3-4 hours I was getting a night.

Surprised as how much of a difference it made!

Ovrnite worked really well for me. I usually take melatonin before bed, but I stopped so I could have different vantage points to compare. Melatonin for me would sometimes just help me get to the point where I could fall asleep if my mind wouldn’t slow down, but it never improved the quality of my sleep. I typically don’t have trouble falling asleep, but if I get up anytime after 5 I’m up.

Since taking Ovrnite, I feel like I’ve been sleeping harder, and I’ve been naturally getting more tired in the evenings. I’ve been waking up earlier, and it feels like I’ve slept much longer than usual. It almost seems like I need less sleep, as I feel the quality is much better. I feel like my natural sleep cycles are more consistent and more how they are supposed to be, I feel more regimented, and feel like the sleep I’m getting is a stronger, higher quality’s night sleep.

Best sleep I’ve ever had

When I first saw this product I was extremely skeptical only because I have tried many sleeping products and medication before and nothing has seemed to work until I tried OVRNITE! No grogginess , no sleepiness the next day! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

Worked for me!

I was surprised how quickly I felt relaxed, tired, and lights out. I also didn’t feel that groggy morning feeling when you take other sleeping aids. I received the 5 day sample and can say I would definitely recommend Maxen for anyone who struggles go to sleep and most importantly for me staying asleep -which slept through the night 5 days in a row!

Truly an amazing product!!

I tried this product after being hooked on melatonin for years. I can’t say it enough, but this product is amazing! I took ovrnite as instructed, and had the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time!! I can’t wait to order this when it comes available.


I have struggled with sleep most of my adult years. I never get good quality sleep, tossing and turning all through the night. I took Ovrnite as directed and within 30-35 minutes I was dozing off. I slept through the night, good hard sleep. I woke up in the morning feeling rested and energized. I did not have any grogginess, headaches or sluggish feelings. No bad smell or taste either. I highly, highly recommend this product. As a healthcare worker being alert and rested is important and I have never felt better!!